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  Here you can read what some of our customers have to say...
"Juanita has been grooming my 4 dogs, LuLu, Belle, Bert and Putter for about a year now.  It's so convenient for me to have her come to my house.  My dogs love her and that says alot because, I used to have to drag all 4 dogs into all the other groomers I have tried.  And she does an awesome job on grooming them too!  She really cares about my dogs and they know it.  I would recommend her to anyone that needs a groomer.  We all love her!"
Judy Fernandez

"Juanita was wonderful with our very nervous poodle, Lucca.  Her upbeat personality and love of animals really comes through.  She does a beautiful job and it's done right outside your door.  We would highly recommend Pawz Fur Beauty for your dog."
Pete & Lynn Matteoli
Santa Rosa

"Wow What A Great Job!  I use a groomer in Petaluma and they had no openings for Saturday so I started looking into another groomer online and found Pawz Fur Beauty and I am sooo glad I did.  I am extremely happy with the services I received and my dogs did great."  Thank you

Santa Rosa

"I have an older (13+) Corgi who has always had a mind of his own.  I was hesitant to have him groomed for his and the groomer's sake.  But from the moment he and Juanita met, I could see they had made a connection.  She is so gentle and loving to her "Clients" that I know my dog is getting excellent care.  He has spend the weekend with her also.  I can tell he is very happy and comfortable when he stays with her and I am relieved to know he is in competent hands.  Now my dog is on a regular schedule for grooming.  He looks great and I don't have to go anywhere!!  She comes to me.  Great convenience and economical prices.  Thanks!"
Rohnert Park

"I just wanted to say that I am SO happy to have found you!  I was in desparate need of a groomer for my 2 BIG Mastiff's...tried one other groomer who was mean (lol) and could not seem to handle the "Beastie Boys"  I know they gave you a hard time, and I cannot tell you how appreciative I am that you stuck through it! :-)  You are a Savior!  thank you again!"

"Hi, sorry I did not get a chance to meet you yesterday.  I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience that Oberon had with you.  He is just a puppy and he can get pretty frantic with new people or in new situation.  But he had a fabulous time with you and he stayed calm through it all.  Thanks alot and see you again next time."
Santa Rosa

"I have an old and slightly senile yellow lab named Lacey.  She was sorely in need of a grooming, but because of her age and mental state, I was reluctant to drive her to a groomer and leave her alone for the day.  So...after a bit of research on line, I found Pawz Fur Beauty.  Because this was my first experience with a mobile groomer, I was a bit nervous, but it all worked out perfectly.  Juanita was very gentle and kind with Lacey, and I could tell that Lacey was comfortable around her.  She trimmed Lacey's coat, gave her a soothing bath, clipped her nails and brushed her teeth...and all for a reasonable price.  I liked the fact that she took her time to do a very thorough job.  It was so convenient to have her come to my home.  I definately plan on using Pawz Fur Beauty again."

Santa Rosa

"I love love love mobile grooming!  I made an appointment and had Pawz Fur Beauty come to our home a couple days ago and bathe our dogs.  Jack and his little sister Jill.  They both looked so nice and clean and seemed so much happier.  I recommend Pawz Fur Beauty to anyone with dog(s).  They were great with my dogs and were nice and professional.  It was easy and convenient and their prices were much lower than I expected."
Amy P
Santa Rosa

"I am extremely pleased with the service I received.  They came right to my house and saved me a trip to the dog salon.  I recemmend Pawz Fur Beauty to anyone that wants great, quick and easy service.  My dog was happier and more comfortable knowing she was still at home.  I will most definately call them again!  Thank you, see you next month"

"I loved having Pawz Fur Beauty come to my house.  I always hate leaving my dogs somewhere else.  She truly loves dogs, a person after my heart.  My dog Willie looks so handsome I barely recognize him.  She was gentle with my ancient dog Spike who felt ever so much better.  I have been to many groomers and she is truly the best ever.  I highly recommend her."
Santa Rosa

"Juanita came to my house to groom 3 of my 4 dogs.  One needed a haircut and the others deshedding.  The pile of hair was amazing.  My 100 pound German Shepherd Zeus, who normally doesn't take to grooming cooperated, even let her cut his nails.  It is comfortable and convenient.  Juanita takes her time, and is apparent that she loves animals"
Santa Rosa

"Mobile grooming is so great and easy.  I love that my dog was groomed right outside my house and she brought her to me when she was done.  She looked and smelled wonderful and you could tell she felt better.  I will NEVER take my dog to a shop to be groomed again.  Thank you Pawz Fur Beauty for your expertise, we will see you soon!"
Janet Able

"My experience with Juanita was very nice to say the least.  She was patience with our older dog "Sammy" and our Golden Retriever, Brandy, and they both seemed to like her.  It was awesome to have her bring her mobile salon right to our house.  It saved me from taking them in he car and having to pick them up later in the day.  I recommend this type of grooming to anyone with a pet, it's very time saving and convenient!"
Santa Rosa

"Pawz Fur Beauty did a fantastic job on my little dog, Andy.  He was content and happy and looked great.  Thank you so much Pawz fur Beauty, I will be calling you again when Andy is due for his next hair cut.  Thanks again"

Shiba Loves Pawz Fur Beauty
"This is the most convenient service I have ever used.  Plus my dog Shiba looked and smelled better than ever.  Thanks for making this such a great experience"
Rohnert Park

"I am very happy with the service I received from Pawz Fur Beauty mobile grooming.  They did a fantastic job and I will call on them again.  It was nice not having to load my dog in the car and drive to the grooming shop and back again.  I like this service and will use it again"

"I had Juanita come out and clean and groom all four of my dogs and was very happy with her work.  My dogs seemed to even enjoy it.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a groom/wash.  Great prices compared to others as well."
Santa Rosa

"I was thrilled and pleased to find a mobile groomer with such professional service.  Thank you for such great service!"
Santa Rosa

"Juanita does a wonderful job with my dogs!  She really loves dogs, so she is very gentle and loving with them.  They love to see her come and visit them and love the pampering they get.  It is really convenient to have her come to me also.  I first tried her because I could not get an appointment with my other groomer at a time it was possible for me to get my dogs dropped off and picked up.  I highly recommend their services."
Sincerely, Helen
Santa Rosa

"My dog Taz was in bad need of a groomer.  It had been months since he had been bathed.  What care & compassion Juanita has for dogs.  My Taz has always been shy when it came to a bath, (big baby) but Juanita has a special way with my dog and Taz forgot that he hated water.  How pretty and well groomed he looked.  He felt real good too.  Taz is already looking forward to his next grooming."
Toni H.
Santa Rosa

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