Pawz Fur Beauty
Mobile Dog Grooming


Mobile Units

 Our Mobile Grooming Salons are completely equipped with everything you'd expect in a top-quality grooming shop!
  • Each unit is completely self-contained and carries its own fresh water supply - Large bath tubs - Hydraulic Tables - Various types of natural shampoos & conditioners for each pets specific needs.  All units are airy and well ventilated...your pet will feel comfortable during his/her visit.
  • Each unit carries an abundance of fresh water, so we "rinse, rinse, rinse" each pet between shampoos.  We're never stingy with water and use as much as it takes to get your pet "squeaky" clean.
  • Each unit is equipped with an "On Demand" hot water system, so we never run out of hot water! 
  • Your pet will always enjoy a warm bath; this is especially important for older and arthritic dogs!
  • Each unit is clean & sanitary.  After each use, we vacuum up all hair and disinfect all work surfaces and tools.  We do our best to eliminate the risk of infecting your pet with fleas, mites, ringworm and other viruses from previous clients.  
  • We eliminate travel, saving you time and saving your pet from the stress of unfamiliar surroundings.  There's no frightening loud barking dogs, no roar of multiple hair dryers and no cages...

It's just us and your pet getting 100% of our special one-on-one attention.

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